Defining Hybrid Cloud in Managed Services

Defining Hybrid Cloud in Managed Services

October 5, 2022 Off By svisvetek7


Cloud computing is one of those terms that gets used a lot, often by people who have no real idea as to what it means. This is understandable given how ubiquitous cloud computing has become over the last decade. While cloud computing has brought technology into the mainstream, it also is a term which needs clarification and definition.
Cloud computing, hybrid, public, private, are all variations on a theme with very different business, technical, and privacy outcomes depending on which one you choose. For MSPs, understanding cloud computing in all its various forms and being able to describe it to customers (many who have no technical experience) is a critical business skill.
Laurelle Roseman, director of channel partnerships at Vultr, drops by the MSPZone to provide her perspective on how cloud computing is helping MSPs meet a growing and increasingly complex set of customer needs.
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Partners have to convince people to move over the cloud
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What is relevant to your MSP practice?
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Peace of mind
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Why it’s important to have a multi-cloud strategyIt’s not an either or situation
Customers want options

MSPZone Guest: Laurelle Roseman, Director of Channel Partnerships with Vultr