Grasshopper Phone System Review | ENTREPRENEURS NEED THIS

Grasshopper Phone System Review | ENTREPRENEURS NEED THIS

December 25, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

Grasshopper is a highly recommended system to run your business without giving out your personal phone number. It makes you seem more professional and run your business more effectively. If you are starting your business at home, you don’t need to give out your cell phone number! Instead, you can have a professional phone system and choose a number you love all from your cell phone. We use Grasshopper at Cookie Munchers and have loved it so far!


I am an affiliate of Grasshopper and do use it in my own business.

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Brandon and I graduated college in May 2016 and were living in my car when we started a late night cookie delivery service in my college town. I had to beg a local bagel shop to let us use their kitchen in their off hours to get our start. Now our business is making more money then we could have ever imagined. Our first storefront launched in September 2017 and now the second one will launch in December 2018! We are moving fast to build this business but come along the journey and I promise it’ll be fun!

There’s been a lot of obstacles and hurtles to jump over, but the journey of being an entrepreneur has been incredible. We will keep hustling and pushing for our goals each and every day. We’ve been showing our journey since day 1 so people can learn and grow from our successes and mistakes. Subscribe to be part of the journey of building Cookie Munchers from a little business in the back of a bagel shop, to an awesome storefront location! Feel free to like and comment to give us suggestions and encouragement as we build our first business into something incredible.

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