How does lack of support from your managed EDI service affect your business? #shorts

How does lack of support from your managed EDI service affect your business? #shorts

December 28, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

There are lot of different ways that the lack of support from your managed EDI service is going to affect you:

1) Timing
2) Staffing
3) Trading partner requirements not being met
4) Revenue loss
5) Brand reputation

Let’s say you set up a brand new client with EDI using a managed EDI software. They promised you that they will take care of all your EDI needs from mapping to monitoring of EDI errors and overall management or they never told you that they will manage your EDI post setup, what d you think is going to happen?

If you miss a small window of shipping because of an issue and you hear from your managed EDI service that it can take a week or more to fix that issue, the so called “customer service” that is being provided is of no use because you’ll receive a fine or a chargeback from your trading partner.

Most often what happens is companies don’t have the EDI knowledge on staff so they rely on managed EDI services to guide and direct them with EDI best practices. Most often that doesn’t happen because either managed EDI services do not have the tech bandwidth or they don’t have an efficient customer support system that can answer their calls or resolve their issues timely.

Bottom line is if you are not controlling your trading partner relationships and relying on third party managed EDI service provider, it can prove to be a disaster for your company. It is important to clearly define what role your team will have in the EDI project and what is the role of the managed EDI service you are hiring.

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