Increase Client Retention with Business SMS Text Messaging

Increase Client Retention with Business SMS Text Messaging

December 13, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

Want happier customers? Improve your customer support offering by adding text messaging.

Surveys show that people want to interact with your brand’s customer support through text, want text as an option, and may be happier with your brand if they can text you.

In addition, with 95% open rates, texting is an optimal solution for customer success teams.

Business SMS for customer support makes customers feel…
– Taken care of with fast response times
– Better informed with client communications coming straight to their phones
– Respected and heard, by customer success teammates utilizing built-in emotional intelligence.

Teams loves using Beetexting for customer support. With features such as…
– Shared SMS inboxes (
– Broadcast messaging (
– Team collaboration tools
– Automations (
– Communication advocate
– Good listener reports
– and 60+ more features

Learn how Beetexting can elevate your customer support offering – text DEMO to 309-605-0390 to see Beetexting in action.

Watch our “why we built Beetexting” video (~1min):
Watch our “how it works” video (~1min):

Learn more and sign up for a 14-day free trial at

Beetexting is a business text messaging app that teams use for business texting. Team’s love it because it’s more than just text message marketing software; it’s an entire texting platform or SMS CRM for business SMS and MMS. Here are some of Beetexting’s features you can try on a 14-day free trial:

SMS Marketing –
Mass text or Broadcast Messages-
Tag Customers to Make Targeted Lists –
Request Payment by Text or Pay-by-Text –
Pay-by-Text with Apple Pay and Google Pay –
Pay-by-Text with Option of Adding Tip –
Text Customers –
Group Text –
Filter Inbox to Stay Organized –
Claim Conversations –
Resolve Conversations –
Transfer Conversations to a Teammate –
Internal Team Notes –
Tag Teammates on Internal Notes –
Schedule Text Messages –
Templates or Quick Replies-
Business Texting Service with SMS/MMS Automation –
SMS/MMS Out of Office Autoresponders –
SMS/MM Keyword Autoresponders –
Business SMS (send text, links, and emojis) –
Business MMS (send images, videos, documents, and GIFs) –
Text Enable Existing Landlines or VOIP Phone Numbers –
Create New Local Numbers (you choose your area code) –
Create New Toll-Free Numbers –

Learn more and start your 14-day free trial at
Beetexting; a beeline to deeper customer relationships. Transforming everyday communication tasks into relationship-building experiences

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