Modern SOC Delivered as a Fully Managed Service

Modern SOC Delivered as a Fully Managed Service

December 2, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

Threats have evolved and just having strong prevention technologies is no longer enough. Don’t get us wrong, you still need the prevention technologies, but due to the way attacks have changed and the techniques attackers use, not all attacks can be stopped automatically. Adversaries increasingly use legitimate IT tools, vulnerabilities, stolen credentials to avoid detection. Stopping these requires humans, and AI and technology working together to detect, investigate and respond.

Only fewer organizations can do that for themselves and hence the need to use a specialist security services company arises. Even if you have resources to guard your network, services from the specialist security companies add a value owing to their huge threat intelligence and expertise. And as threats continue to increase in complexity so will the demand for cybersecurity services.

Join us over this short informative session to uncover the benefits of Cybersecurity delivered as a Service and how Sophos can help you stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Speaker: Viral Shah, Senior Engineer, Sophos