Open Services Cloud: Unleash the power of self-operated cloud managed services

Open Services Cloud: Unleash the power of self-operated cloud managed services

December 28, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

Presented by Jean-Baptiste Onofré (Huawei Technologies Co., LTD.) at EclipseCon 2022.

Today, from core infrastructure to advanced machine learning services, managed services are the key capabilities and value that clouds offer to their customers. However, only cloud service providers have the ability to offer managed services. Software providers are locked out from
creating native managed services in clouds, and users are locked in to proprietary managed services from cloud service providers. As a result, software providers must compete against their cloud service providers’ own managed services with limited cloud software images or SaaS
solutions, and cloud users are forced to take least-common-denominator approaches for their multi-cloud strategies.

Open Services Cloud is a new initiative at Eclipse that opens the services layer in clouds to enable anyone to create open, portable, managed services. By opening managed services to all, Open Services Cloud can open up the entire cloud services market so that cloud service providers can
offer a much wider range of both 1st party and 3rd party managed services, software providers can create managed services of their solutions anywhere, and users can consume the services of their choice form the clouds of their choice.

Open Services Cloud can significantly increase the overall cloud market and foster a vibrant new market for managed cloud services. Users will more easily adopt and transition to cloud, software vendors will grow their cloud services business, and cloud service providers will expand their range of business and offerings.

This talk will introduce the state of the cloud market, and Open Services Cloud goals and values.
We will also present some details of Open Services Cloud’s architecture and technical aspects. Finally, we will conclude with a demo to illustrate Open Services Cloud.