Overwatch for M365 Security Service | Security Posture Management

Overwatch for M365 Security Service | Security Posture Management

November 11, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

The Overwatch for M365 Security service is the next generation of security posture management – providing our customers with a near real-time strategy tailored for their business, to improve and enhance their Microsoft 365 environment. The Overwatch service is driven by our award-winning Microsoft Security Practice consultants, who specialise in Microsoft Security strategy and deployment across the full security stack.

The service kicks off with an initial assessment of your environment to establish your baseline. Our consultants will then use this baseline to build your live security risk and business impact register, which is tailored to your environment, to form the basis for your roadmap to future improvement.

Through monthly engagements with our team, you’ll receive guidance and assistance in driving constant security optimisation. We will guide you through Microsoft business-critical security applications that are essential for your business, and assist with deployment planning, proof of concept, business adoption and long-term platform maintenance. With monthly executive reporting, and live access to the dashboard, Overwatch helps you monitor progress over time and satisfy board level management reporting needs.

To book a demo, simply check out https://www.threatscape.com/overwatch-for-m365/ and click the button labelled ‘Request a demo’. Fill in your details and an account manager will get in touch to book a time that works for you.

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