Polycom Phone not working

Polycom Phone not working

December 15, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

Simple remedies explain in plain terms. I’ve seen the same top 5 causes of Voice-over-IP phones not working. It’s usually just a simple fix.

1. Power – these phones get their power in one of two ways. First, is from a power cord that plugs into a 120v outlet. Second, is from the network cord. This is known as “power over ethernet”.

2. Physical Connection: Network cords often get mixed up when people are moving things around. Its important that the network cord from the wall be connected to the correct port on the bottom of the phone. There are two ports on the bottom of the phone and folks often get these mixed up.

3. Using the correct cord. You must be using an RJ-45 network cable. the skinnier silver cords (aka: phone or RJ-11) will not work for Voice Over IP phones.

4. Network services: Even if the power and physical network connections are all correctly in place, there could be a network outtage. The Internet could be down, the company’s DHCP server could be down, or even the phone provider (aka: Carrier) service could be down.