Ubiquiti UniFi Talk setup with UTP-Touch and analog phones using VoIP

Ubiquiti UniFi Talk setup with UTP-Touch and analog phones using VoIP

November 5, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

With access to UniFi Talk after upgrading to the UDM-Pro SE from the Unifi Security Gateway I decided to switch my home VoIP provider to UniFi talk, backfeed my analog house phones using the Unifi ATA device, and use the full Unifi Talk features by adding the UTP-Touch for my office desk phone.

Unifi Talk is 1/3 the cost of what I was paying my ISP for VoIP service and comes with advanced features like a smart assistant that let’s you have autogenerated or recorded phone tree prompts to dial specific phones. You can also customize the hold music, record calls, add voicemail transcription, and with the UTP-Touch phones you can view your Unifi Protect security camera video.

The UTP-Touch phone also has a 5 megapixel camera, presumably for video conferencing, but this doesn’t seem to be enabled with the current UniFi Talk software.

Visit https://www.davidmello.com/unifi-talk-utp-touch-review/ for more information about my experience getting started with UniFi Talk and UTP-Touch phones.

0:00 Why UniFi Talk
1:35 UTP-Touch Phone Unboxing
3:34 Network connections
3:58 Assigning phone numbers, groups, and users
7:03 Testing UTP-Touch ringing
7:37 Pass-through phone RJ-45 ports
8:37 UniFi talk worth it?