What is a MSP? | Managed Service Provider

What is a MSP? | Managed Service Provider

September 19, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

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MSPs (Managed Service Provider) have been around for some time, but many people, including recruiters, HR, procurement and supply chain, don’t know much about it.

With the contracting recruiting landscape becoming more complex and competitive, the visibility into contract spend, risk and compliance, plus finding the right talent with the right partners are all critical for reaching the best contract talent and having the right strategy.

But when should you consider having an MSP? How does it work? What are the benefits and also the challenges involved?

My guest, Beatrice Kohler, has been part of the recruitment world for the last ten years. Starting out as a recruitment assistant, she is now Senior Director at Pontoon Solutions.

It’s not her first time live with us; last time, we covered RPOs in our ongoing mission to help everyone understand recruitment and the different solutions and business models that exist.

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