Whiteboard explainer video for VOIP phone system

Whiteboard explainer video for VOIP phone system

October 27, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

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This whiteboard explainer video is actually the second in a series we created for this client. It centers around a VoIP call system. The idea is simple enough: switch to our service for better call quality. But what makes a great animated explainer video is how it expresses that message. This video tells the story of an IT director who can’t afford to have his company suffer due to poor call quality so he takes the pre-emptive step of switching to the client’s service.

Fire Starter Videos specializes in multiple styles of animated explainer videos including cartoon explainer videos and whiteboard explainer videos. While many clients choose cartoon explainer videos due to the color and movement the style allows for, whiteboard explainer videos have been shown to maintain audience retention rates much longer than any other style. They may look simple but, when you’re making an animated explainer video, simplicity is key.

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