Why Are My Calls Breaking Up? | Fixing VoIP Phone Call-Quality Issues

Why Are My Calls Breaking Up? | Fixing VoIP Phone Call-Quality Issues

November 1, 2022 Off By svisvetek7

Voice over IP (VoIP) phones rely on your internet connection’s speed AND quality. Businesses that experience call-quality issues when using their internet-based phones often overlook the connection’s quality and focus only on speed. Historically, IT managed service providers (MSPs) and VoIP phone companies didn’t address quality of service (QoS) as a solution to call-quality issues. However, that’s changed as networks have become more congested. UpLync Communications partners with its customers’ MSPs to modify QoS settings in their routers to ensure clear, high-quality phone calls.

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UpLync Communications isn’t your typical phone company. Sure, we provide reliable and affordable business phone systems. But we care about more than putting phones on desks. Using our more than 25 years of expertise, we offer consultative advice and work with you to customize a hosted voice over IP (VoIP) phone system that fits your business’s needs. We can help you eliminate busy signals, improve customer service, and market your business using the latest VoIP technology.

In addition to reliable internet phones, UpLync offers free system management, service, and maintenance. Plus, you’ll never have to sign a long-term contract. Call us today and find out how our business phone systems can help you.

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